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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions – regulations of room rental in Biała Koszula Bed&Breakfast in Tleń.

I. Preamble
These regulations define the conditions under which you can make a room reservation at Biała Koszula Bed&Breakfast in Tleń. The agreement between the Guest and the Manager Romuald Dworakowski is set at the time of booking by the internet site http: /biala-koszula.pl or by a phone call.

The Owner of Biała Koszula Bed&Breakfast is the company Bart Sp. o.o. based in 53G Sulnowo, 86-100 Świecie. The Renting Party is Romuald Dworakowski, 8 Czerska street, Tlen, 86-100 Świecie, a self-employed sole trader, registered in CEDG; VAT register 5591026079, National Official Business Register no. 363710973.

Contact: phone+48 52 3335700, +48 785 873 283, e-mail: kontakt@biala-koszula.pl, ostlen@bart-packaging.pl .


II. Reservations
One may book a service either by the internet site form (www.biala –koszula.pl) or by a phone call. The guest will receive a message on his e-mail account with a preliminary reservation of the chosen room, which is kept for 3 working days. Within this time a 30% down payment should be made to the Biała Koszula owner’s bank account.
2. The down payment is treated as a booking confirmation.
3. If the down payment is not paid in the due time, the preliminary reservation will be automatically cancelled.
4. Having paid upfront 30% or 100%, the guest will receive an e-mail or a text message with the payment confirmation.
5. Having paid 30% of the rate as the down payment, it is necessary to pay the rest of the rate on the arrival (during check-in) to the person giving out the room key.

III. Conditions of the rental agreement
The agreement made between the owner and the guest concerns room rental only. The room rates include water, gas, electricity and heating rates and the final cleaning.
Giving out the keys – the arrival should be on the time settled by phone or by e-mail.
The hotel night starts at 3pm on the arrival day and ends at 11 am on the day of the departure.
If the arrival on the settled time is not possible, the guest should immediately inform the person who confirmed the reservation.
Check-in time: by 9 pm.
The Guest is obliged to pay the booking quotation from the booking confirmation even if the stay is shorter or delayed, whatever the reasons may be (transportation, personal etc).
The Guest is obliged to informed the Staff about any events which may lead to a damage at the premises.
8. The Guest may use the object only in living purpose and must not subrent it to other parties.
9. The Guest is responsible for any damage done to the equipment or the premises. The Guest agrees to inform the Staff about any damage and to pay it by the end of the stay (10 am of the departure day).

10. There is a curfew at Biała Koszula from 10pm to 7 am of the following day.

IV. Guest’s responsibilities
1. The number of people staying in the room is limited to the one specified on the booking confirmation. The Guest is obliged to inform by telephone or e-mail of any change in this number. If this number exceeds the number given on the booking confirmation the customer is required (if possible) to pay more for the people reported. In another case, the Staff may refuse to give the keys to the room.

2. The Guest is required to keep the room in its original state and to keep the privacy and to observe the rules of neighbourliness.

3. Visitors not checked-in may stay in rooms from 7 am to 10 pm.

4. Biała Koszula Bed&Breakfast may refuse to rent a room to a Guest who grossly violated the regulations during a previous visit, causing damage to the premises, guests or made personal injury to guests, employees or other people residing in Biała Koszula B&B or otherwise interfered the stay of guests or the operation of the B&B.

5. Because of the fire safety no smoking is allowed at the premises of Biała Koszula.

6.Because of fire safety no foreign electrical appliances or open fire (e.g. barbecue) is allowed in rooms.

V. Changes to the reservation

1. If the new stay settles in the peak season, a supplemental payment will be needed.

2. Prolonging the stay – You may prolong your stay in your room if it is not booked. You should inform the Staff by a phone call or writing that you wish to stay longer.

3. In case of cancelling your booking:

a. at least 14 days before the date of arrival we give you back 100% of the down payment,

b. at least 7 days before the date of the arrival we give you back the down payment minus 40% as a fine for B&B work and the need of looking for new guests,

c. less than 7 days before the arrival date we give you back the down payment minus 80% as a fine for B&B work and the need of looking for new guests.

VI. The transfer of Guest’s right and responsibilities to another party.
You may transfer all the rights you got by the booking to another party if that party agrees to take upn themselves also the responsibilities. In which case the owner should be immediately informed about the fact by giving the personal data of the party to whom the rights and responsibilities resulting from the agreement are to be transferred.

VII. Pets
Pets are not allowed at Biala Koszul B&B.

VIII. Cancelling the agreement
In case of unexpected circumstances ruselt of which cannot be cancelled with regular means the Owner claims the right to offer the Guest with with a room similar to the one the Guest booked originally. The Owner has the right to cancel the agreement by the force majeur right. In concerns also the case in which Guests or his goods safety cannot be guaranteed because of the reasons irrespective of the owner. The quotations paid by the Guest will be immediately returned minus the rate of the services that have already been done.

IX. Applicable governing law
The governing law for all the disputes between the Owner and the Guest is the Polish Law. The disputes will be judged in Owner’s jurisdiction.